We believe we make a difference in people’s lives when we serve. It takes volunteers to make a difference and we want to help you find an area where you can passionately serve. We encourage you to take a look around at the various ways you may be able to volunteer.


It takes many volunteers to make not only Sunday happen, but to make every event be a success. Are you willing to help? Our needs are as diverse as the people who attend our services. Find out how you can get involved and serve others in our church community.

In order for us to be at our absolute best, we need you involved. The following areas provide many of the service opportunities available.

  • Pointe GroupsPointe Group Leaders
    Pointe Group Leaders help facilitate environments which help people make connections on a more informal intimate level. If you like to entertain or host people in small gatherings, a Pointe Group Leader is what you need to be. If you are interested, we are willing to equip you to serve in this capacity. Staff is ready to provide continuing support for all who are willing to serve. For more information, please contact us here.


  • 18_worship_handsMain Worship
    It takes many people working together to develop our Sunday morning worship. However, our Technology Team and Praise Team are intricate parts in helping us achieve the desired results. If you are interested in serving on our Tech or Praise Teams please contact us.


  • NP Children's Ministry Logo (Transparent)Children’s Ministry
    Want to make a difference in the life of a child?  Come be a part of our Children’s Ministry team!  Experience the joy and blessing of working with our precious children!  We’ll find a special place you can serve that is best suited to your gifts and talents. Contact Children’s Ministry here.


  • NPMinistry Leaders
    Whether you are thinking of ministry as a vocation or taking on a cause for which you are passionate, we are here to equip you for the ministry at North Pointe. We are always open to new possibilities and new ways to serve and lead people to Jesus. If you are ready to take an idea and turn it into a reality, we are here to support you. Contact our staff here .



We want to be an asset to the Sachse, Wylie, Murphy, and surrounding communities. We want to be irrationally generous by investing our time, skills, and money into our community.  Learn how you can partner with us as we partner with our community.

  • Sachse Servants WEB (Transparent) Love Tag - VTSachse Servants
    We do not want to just take up space in the community, we want to serve the community. Sachse Servants simplifies this process by connecting North Pointe members with the opportunities to serve the needs of the community. If you have a need, know of someone who has a need , or want to be more involved email us.


  • 5 Loaves Logo (Transparent)5 Loaves

Serving others is the language of grace. We want to serve those who are in our community with dignity and love. The pantry is open every Thursday from 10am-12am and 5pm-7pm. If you would like to volunteer please contact us here.

A Thank You Video:  With the outpouring of love and service by our members and community, we thought it necessary to share what we’ve been doing and to thank those involved for their tremendous service.


While we are located in Sachse, we see ourselves as a small part of the global community. We have special relationships with people around the world who are  making a difference.  Find Out More