We were inspired by the words to the Chris Tomlin song “God of this City,” and knew the statement of Greater Things rang true for our city, the city of Sachse, Texas and the surrounding communities. Our building had been, and still is, one of our greatest assets in meeting the needs of the community and we continue to encourage its use by a number of groups.

However, we knew that we were growing and that eventually we would need more space, not only for our members, but also for a diverse and expanding community. So we prayed about it and then we acted. We set out on a future-addition building campaign asking those who were already a part of our church community to pledge what they could over a three-year period.

We are now over a year and half into this campaign pledge and are thrilled and encouraged to share that we have already received over half of what was pledged. God is doing a mighty work without a doubt.

Though we are pledging our time, talents, and treasures toward a new addition, the Greater Things campaign actually represents so much more. It is, in essence, a declaration of our faith that God is bringing about much more than just a new building. The “greater things that are still to be done in this city” are beyond what we can even imagine, though their fruit is already being seen.

Take for example our Five Loaves Pantry ministry. What started as an idea in someone’s mind has blossomed into its own its own source of outreach and support for those in need. The only question left to ask now is: “What else is God going to do, and how can we be best prepared to participate in His great works for our city?”